Security Management Systems by Bavak

Security Management Systems by Bavak

January 05, 2023

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Security Management Systems by Bavak

Security Management Systems (SMS) are systems designed to manage and improve an organization's security. These systems help identify, evaluate and address security risks and threats and provide a structural framework to monitor and improve an organization's security.

Various types of SMS are available including information security, physical security, crisis management and business continuity. Each organization has a unique set of security needs so it is important to determine which SMS system best fits the organization's specific needs.

Implementing an SMS system requires a thorough evaluation of an organization's current security practices and procedures. This can be done through a risk analysis which identifies and ranks the organization's vulnerabilities based on their impact and likelihood. Areas for improvement can then be identified and targeted measures taken to improve security.

SMS systems provide a structural framework for monitoring and improving an organization's security. Bavak has many years of experience with various SMS systems from Genetec and LenelS2, among others.

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