Speedgate Certifications by Bavak

Speedgate Certifications by Bavak

October 05, 2023

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Speedgate Certifications by Bavak

When it comes to access control and security, strict standards and certifications are essential. Bavak offers various Speedgates that comply with multiple certifications to ensure safety and performance.

Bavak provides different Speedgates with the following certifications:

RC-2, RC-3, and RC-4 (NEN-1627) Bavak offers Speedgates with various levels of burglary resistance, such as RC-2, RC-3, and RC-4, according to the NEN-1627 standard. These classifications indicate the level of resistance the Speedgate provides against intrusion attempts.

FB-6 (EN-1523 - Bulletproof/Ballistic) Some Bavak Speedgates can also be equipped with bulletproof plating (FB-6 / EN-1523). The FB-6 classification signifies that these systems are capable of withstanding certain bullets, providing additional protection in situations where bullet resistance is required.

UL-325 UL-325 is an American standard that establishes safety requirements for automatic gates and access control systems. The Bavak Speedgates supplied in the United States comply with this standard to ensure they are safe and reliable for use in the United States.

These certifications underscore Bavak's commitment to delivering high-quality and secure Speedgates that meet the needs of various markets and industries. Whether it's burglary resistance, bullet resistance, or general safety, Bavak's Speedgates are designed and tested to meet the highest standards.

Bavak Speedgates not only offer advanced technology and functionality but also come with the right certifications to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and performance. These certifications make Bavak a reliable choice for those seeking advanced access control solutions.

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