The Bavak Speedgate

The Bavak Speedgate

October 15, 2020

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The Bavak Speedgate

All speedgates from Bavak are suitable for situations which require an opening to operate as quickly such as a rising arm barrier. These gates can be used for both perimeter protection and traffic management. For instance from normal day-to-day vehicle access and car parks at residential complexes to high-security locations. All Bavak speedgates ensure save and selective access. It goes for all gates that these will be tailor made to your needs. This goes from the “standard” speedgates to the speeddoors to the “hot dip galvanized” versions to the speedgates with pickets infill. Furthermore the last versions can be delivered with tested resistance levels 3 and 4.

Our high speed security gates can be driven from the top or the bottom. Which one to use depends on your situation and your security layout. All Bavak speedgates are designed with high security in mind. Our automatic speed gates are safe and comply with many safety standards like RC3 and RC4 according to NEN. The Bavak speedgate can be delivered as a standard speedgate and also completely custom made.

Bavak offers four types of high-tech speedgates, all with a low total cost of ownership.

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