The MINI Z® Handheld Z Backscatter system

The MINI Z® Handheld Z Backscatter system

October 27, 2020

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The MINI Z® Handheld Z Backscatter system

If the object to be scanned does not fit into a conventional X-ray machine, the MINI Z® offers the solution.

Bavak is distributor of the MINI Z® system. The MINI Z® is the most powerful handheld Z Backscatter imaging system that highlights organic threats and contraband.

The portable form factor allows the operator to scan in hard-to-reach places. Users can screen vehicles, walls, furniture, aircraft interiors, packages, and more for drugs, currency, explosives, and other organic threats while on-the-go.

The system is completely self-contained, it is battery operated (4 hours battery charge) and has built-in wireless communications (Wi-Fi). It requires no set-up and is ready for immediate operation. All images are displayed in real-time on a dedicated tablet. The Optional Enhanced Detection Panel provides operators with the ability to acquire either a transmission image or an enhanced Z Backscatter image. The MINI Z® has the ability to manually compose images, the so-called ‘stitching’ image.

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