The Rapiscan RTT® is now available at Bavak.

The Rapiscan RTT® is now available at Bavak.

March 18, 2022

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Bavak offers the latest EDS (Explosive Detection System) Machine for luggage and parcels.

The Rapiscan RTT® is now available at Bavak.

High Throughput & Dynamic Window With the belt running at 0.5 meters per second and “Dynamic Window” providing minimal gaps between bags or parcels, RTT®110 provides Industry-leading throughput, routinely exceeding 1,800 bags or 2,500 parcels per hour. This implicates more bags or parcels for fewer machines versus the current situation, meaning a cost saving solution.

Parcel Screening & Explosive Detection RTT®110 is ideal for parcel screening. With the proven ability to screen over 2,500 parcels per hour, it is the leading screening system used by major global freight forwarders around the globe. And this makes it the perfect fit for Bavak.

Low False Alarm Rates & High Resolution Imaging With the fastest, most advanced image capture, reconstruction and EU approved Standard 3 EDS algorithm, RTT®110 provides Hold Baggage Screening class-leading false alarm rates, high resolution 3D X-ray images giving rapid, accurate alarm resolution.

Intelligent Design & Exceptional Performance RTT®110 is super-fast. 98% of level 1, automated decisions are made within 1 second of scan departure. Images that require intervention are received by level 2 operators as they leave the machine meaning less conveyors are needed for decision time saving you vital space.

Measured by several major airports, the RTT®110 established an average saving of 7 meters in Baggage Handling System (BHS) real estate, versus the competitive systems, due to our high-speed level 1 and level 2 decisions.

The RTT®110’s innovative, non-rotational gantry and modular design enables the possibility of upgrading the RTT®110’s technology as and when required. This means that your detection and operation can always be up to date and using the latest in Explosive Detection System (EDS) technology and advancements.

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