The right Bollard?

The right Bollard?

May 27, 2021

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The right Bollard?

Bavak has a very wide range of Bollards. Once a decision has been made to place Bollards around a perimeter we go to the next step. Choosing the right Bollard.

There are more possibilities than you think due to the different types of Bollards. Will the Bollard be used to create a barrier for road users or to prevent (unintended) collisions with vehicles and even trucks.

When the purpose of the Bollard is clear, it is important to look at the perimeter. The perimeter determines the number of Bollards. But of course, it is also possible that only one Bollards is placed in front of an entrance of a location. Then we consider if it is required that vehicles pass through at the location. If that is the case, we offer the option for sliding or retractable Bollards.

It is also important to look at the subsoil of a location. If the surface is ‘full’ of cables or other materials or there is an underground car park, the Shallow Mount Bollard may be the solution. The Shallow Mount Bollards have a very low installation depth.

Quite a few choices to make to come to the right Bollard, but our specialists are more than happy to assist.

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