The Security Management System

The Security Management System

January 26, 2022

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The Security Management System

A good Security Management System is scalable but above all easy to integrate.

When you are faced with the purchase of a new Security Management System there are a lot of questions as well as different suppliers. Bavak also supplies different systems. This is because every system has its own possibilities and the specific possibilities for some fit better than for others.

Bavak supplies two different systems, namely Genetec and LenelS2. The systems of both brands are of the highest quality and therefore offer the best functionality. The systems are both fully scalable which makes them suitable for use by a multinational as well as a local company. Both systems are paid for by use, which means that you do not pay for parts you do not use, completely modular.

Which of these systems suits you best is not easy to indicate. To make the right choice we recommend a conversation with our specialists.

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