The various arm barriers provided by Bavak

The various arm barriers provided by Bavak

November 16, 2023

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The various arm barriers provided by Bavak

An arm barrier is an essential tool for securing both business and private premises, and Bavak offers a range of arm barrier solutions with various functionalities, including lighting and access control systems. Bavak caters to the need for both simple and advanced temporary closures.

Arm barriers are often used in commercial parking lots, industrial areas, railway crossings, bridges, and government buildings. They can be operated from a security booth or by vehicle passengers, using payment cards or various access control systems, such as proximity cards, license plate recognition, keypads, and intercoms. Bavak's arm barriers are reliable, robust, quick to install, cost-effective, made of high-quality steel, and equipped with Feig control for smooth operation, even in demanding parking environments. The arm barriers can be customized with various additional options, including warning and information stickers, LED lighting on the barrier arm, traffic light systems and articulated arms for locations with limited height. Bavak also offers vandalism-resistant solutions.

For technical details, you can download the available brochures. Bavak's specialists have extensive experience and expertise in the field of arm barriers and are ready to provide customers with customized solutions based on specific needs and situations.

You can download the arm barrier brochures at the bottom of this page to learn more about available options and suitable models for your situation.

Bavak's specialists are ready to assist in choosing the right arm barrier for your needs and situation. Please feel free to contact them here.

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