Under Vehicle Inspection System provided by Bavak

Under Vehicle Inspection System provided by Bavak

March 30, 2023

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Under Vehicle Inspection System provided by Bavak

Checking cars for potentially hazardous materials such as explosives and other prohibited items is an important task of security checkpoints. This is done at airports, border crossings, government buildings and other critical infrastructure, among other places. This check can be seen as an essential measure to ensure the safety of people and prevent such materials from being used for terrorist or criminal activities.

One of the main reasons for this check is to verify that no explosives or other prohibited items are hidden under the vehicle. The UVIS was designed for this situation. The Under Vehicle Inspection System ensures that a digital recording is made of the underside of the vehicle, which immediately can be viewed on a computer. In this way, a first inspection can be performed safely. If required, the image can also be compared to a previous visit, which automatically identifies deviations.

The UVIS supplied by Bavak can be supplemented with extra functions such as integrated ANPR and Driver Face Capture (DFC). The ANPR and DFC are activated by the induction loop of the UVIS system.

The system can also be supplemented with a unique additional module that detects magnets used to store contraband and/or explosives.

If you would like to learn more about the UVIS, download the brochure at the bottom left of this page.

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