Variety in X-ray systems – Bavak

Variety in X-ray systems – Bavak

April 13, 2021

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Variety in X-ray systems – Bavak

Bavak offers a wide range of X-ray systems in various types and forms.

X-ray machines and handheld X-ray equipment are used for scanning (hand) baggage of persons. For cargo scanning, there are X-ray scanners with a larger throughput opening to ensure that cargo on pallets can be transported directly through them and there is X-ray equipment for scanning trainsets and trucks. Bavak also has a Z Backscatter Van (ZVB), a truck with a built-in X-ray scanner.

A large part of this X-ray equipment including the ZBV, are offered for rental purposes such as temporary use at (sports) events, state visits, conferences or concerts.

Equally important is the (brand independent) training that Bavak provides for your employees. With the proper use, the success of the equipment is really effective. For years, Bavak has achieved good results by training operators at various companies.

Bavak supplies almost every form of X-ray equipment, has en extensive rental range and offers custom-made training.

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