X-ray systems for security

X-ray systems for security

December 06, 2022

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X-ray systems for security

Bavak supplies a broad range of X-ray equipment for security purposes.

In addition to the well-known luggage X-ray scanners, Bavak also supplies other security X-ray scanning systems which range from small to large. Threre are for example the portable systems to be used in case it is not possible to 'put object for investigation through a machine' - for example a car or a mattress to discover hidden objects.

There are mobile systems like the ZBV® which can be used to drive past objects and make an X-ray scan of them. And there are large truck-based systems which can easily scan trucks and containers or even trains.

Bavak has a lot of experience deploying various X-ray systems at various different locations. If you would like to know what we can do for you, please contact us.


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