Entrance gates

Entrance gates

Entrance gates come in various shapes and sizes. For instance the walk through speed gates. These are the best solution for the fast and individualized admission of persons to a location. An easygate can be used for example at offices, stadiums and government sites. The walk through speed gate ensures an easy flow and counting of the number of people entering or leaving the location. By badging in and out, it is easy to see how many people are in the building, which in turn can be important for e.g. the company emergency response.

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Today's security requires a combination of aesthetics alongside the right level of security. The security gates in Bavak's range offer this combination. The right access gate system is available for virtually any access. See below for an overview of the various models.

Walk-through gate

The EasyGate walk-through gates are very slim, adaptable walk-through speed gates that are an ideal solution for office buildings with access control and government locations. These walk-through speed gates offer a slim modern design combined with the highest level of safety and security. All EasyGates are all equipped with lighting for clear and easy passage guidance. Other special features in the series include: IR sensors, 'piggybacking’ and cross over detection, intelligent light guidance, an integrated visitor card collection system with return function, integrated barcode and QR code scanner, medium and high glass wings, maintenance-free 'Magnetic Direct Drive motor', cladding with Corian or stone, lift call system and a variable sound alarm. Easygate_SPT_Pegas_CTPpark_Brno_28_HR.jpg


When looking for a cost-efficient solution for regulated access, a turnstile is a good solution. Bavak supplies a number of different turnstiles with as common denominator the high quality. The differences can therefore be found in the finish of the housing and, for example, a drop arm system. By means of a special anti-panic mechanism that can be activated in emergency situations, one of the arms of the turnstile 'drops' down, allowing free passage. Then there is also a turnstile that can be well placed when space is tight. Finally, there are also turnstiles with a self-centring rotation system, where the rotor returns to the starting position after each rotation. Bavak thus offers a turnstile for every situation. Catrax Master Drop Arm zwart.jpg

Full height-turnstiles

Then there are the full height turnstiles. These are suitable for outdoor security or to protect certain parts of the business, such as a hygiene zone in the food industry. A turnstile can be mounted in various ways. For example, as a permanent application or in a container. The product is galvanized as standard, extending the life of the turnstile. We also offer a double turnstile as a permanent solution. For access to a factory, for example, this can be a solution. We can deliver our products assembled and, in cooperation with our partners, we supply a complete product. Dubbel Full Height.jpg

Why Bavak

The specialists at Bavak know enterance gates very well and have been successfully implementing them for years. This means there is also a lot of expertise available which we gladly use to make things easier for our customers. It really depends on your wishes and your situation which walk-through enterance gates are best for you.

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Good security requires expertise. Bavak has been providing the best security worldwide for more than 45 years. If you also want to know how, please contact us.