A bollard is buried or anchored in concrete with heavy reinforcement, covered by a sleeve and protects against (unintentional) crashes of vehicles.

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Bollards are an essential addition to both new and existing architecture, enhancing the appearance of any environment. They contribute unconsciously to an increased sense of security and are ideal for traffic control, restricting vehicles at specific times. Bavak offers an extensive range of bollards with various crash ratings and possesses the necessary expertise for optimal deployment, resulting in maximum safety and functionality. You can download the brochure at the bottom left of this page.

Bollards: versatility and safety

Bavak delivers and installs bollards from a wide range of options. For instance, there are fixed bollards that are placed in rows. Additionally, there are retractable bollards, sliding bollards, automatic bollards, and specially custom-made decorative bollards.

Fixed Bollards: Robust security

Fixed bollards are immovable and come in various types tailored to their specific use and required safety measures. These bollards can be customized with a sleeve to seamlessly match your corporate identity or architectural design.

Automatic Bollards: Flexible access and security

Automatic bollards provide robust protection when raised and sit flush with the ground when lowered, allowing unhindered vehicle passage. With Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) option, these bollards can be quickly raised in emergencies, crucial for immediate security.

Retractable Bollards: Efficiency and 'invisible' security

Bavak's retractable bollards offer an ideal solution where permanent barriers are undesirable. These bollards retract into the ground for access and swiftly rise for security. Advanced systems ensure this happens within seconds, efficiently regulating traffic flows. Suitable for urban areas and sensitive locations, they fit both functionally and aesthetically without compromising architectural integrity.

Sliding Bollards: Efficient use of space

For locations where underground structures prevent the use of retractable bollards, Bavak offers a sliding variant. These bollards slide sideways to grant passage and retract immediately, minimizing the risk of damage and requiring no deep foundation.

Decorative Bollards: Security and aesthetics

When aesthetics are paramount, Bavak provides custom-made decorative bollards that seamlessly blend into the environment. For example, planters with hidden bollards or benches combining security with comfort. This allows you to create a fully secure environment without compromising on aesthetics.

Certified Bollards: Guaranteed quality

All our bollards come with various certifications, depending on your requirements. These certifications include PAS68, ASTM2656, IWA-14-1, K4 – K8 – K12. This applies to both retractable and sliding versions. We tailor each type of bollard precisely to your specifications.

PSSA Membership

Bavak is a proud member of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA). Membership not only strengthens our industry position but also connects us with a broad network of experts. At Bavak, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. As bollard specialists, PSSA membership ensures that we stay ahead in security innovations.

Why Bavak

The specialists at Bavak have extensive knowledge of bollards and have successfully implemented them for many years. Therefore, we have a wealth of expertise that we are eager to apply to make it easier for our customers. The best bollard for your situation depends on your specific needs and circumstances.

Contact our specialists to determine the best bollard solution for your needs.

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