Autonomous Surveillance Drone also for nuclear detection

Autonomous Surveillance Drone also for nuclear detection

March 10, 2022

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Autonomous Surveillance Drone also for nuclear detection

The Autonomous Surveillance Drone is designed to deliver better performance in the the safety & security of large sites.

For security purposes the Autonomous Surveillance Drone as is seen as a 'flying security camera'. This comes with different advantages versus a regular camera. A drone is quickly on site, gives a direct overview of the situation even in hard to reach places and the camera position is easily movable - which is useful in case of smoke or when you need to follow someone. These advantages of a flying camera are easy to see and comprehend. Please see our site about the Autonomous Surveillance Drone for more information.

There are also use cases where Autonomous Surveillance Drone is used for safety purposes. There are various places in Europe where the drone is used at 'loading and unloading locations' of bulk goods in order to replace the (labor intensive) manual inspection. This way the safety-inspection is done faster and therefor more often. By doing so the deployment of people is only necessary when an extra thorough inspection is needed.

And now the Autonomous Surveillance Drone is also being used in detecting radioactive radiation. Radiation measurement is dangerous, expensive, time-consuming and critical so can be done safely with a drone. The DIZI sensor used for this purpose is much more than a Geiger counter, it is a scintillation detector capable of detecting, measuring and identifying the radioisotopes present. The new solution is already in use in France at a site of a major French player in the nuclear industry.

This add-on is an ideal solution for all industries dealing with radiation measurement.

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