Bavak – Autonomous Surveillance Drone

Bavak – Autonomous Surveillance Drone

January 04, 2024

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Bavak – Autonomous Surveillance Drone

Bavak supplies an Autonomous Surveillance Drone applicable useful in various surveillance situations. These drones have the unique ability to navigate and fly autonomously, without human guidance. They are deployed for area monitoring and conducting inspections, including thorough checks for radiation.

The use of autonomous surveillance drones brings several advantages. Firstly, they can monitor an area more efficiently and quickly than human guards. Additionally, they can inspect dangerous or hard-to-reach areas without human safety risks. Moreover, autonomous drones can work continuously, without breaks or fatigue, allowing them to remain active for longer periods compared to human surveillance.

Despite being powerful tools for monitoring and inspecting areas, protecting individuals' privacy is paramount. The Bavak system is designed not to capture sensitive locations, eliminating the need for technical blurring.

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