Bollards - sliding or retractable

Bollards - sliding or retractable

January 25, 2022

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Bollards - sliding or retractable

For a temporary, safe opening in a row of bollards

Bollards are traffic poles placed against unintentional crashes or VAAW (Vehicle As A Weapon) impacts. What type of bollard is used and with what impact resistance is highly dependent on the location and infrastructure.

In addition to the "fixed" bollards at a location, there is often a need for a vehicle passageway. This passageway for vehicles can be provided in various ways. These include a barrier, a roadblocker or a speedgate, as well as moveable or retractable bollards. The choice for movable or retractable bollards depends on the underground infrastructure. If for example cables, sewage or an underground garage do not allow for a 'deep' foundation, the moveable bollards can be chosen.

Bavak has been a specialist in placing bollards at various locations for years. Which bollard is the best for your location can be determined together with one of our specialists.

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