Crash rated bollards combining safety and aesthetics

Crash rated bollards combining safety and aesthetics

July 18, 2023

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Crash rated bollards combining safety and aesthetics

Safety is always our top priority when designing security solutions. Our Crash Rated Bollards are designed and tested to withstand high-speed vehicle impacts. They meet strict international standards and have certified crash ratings that ensure the highest level of protection. Whether it's protecting pedestrian areas, buildings, government agencies, or other sensitive locations, our bollards provide a solid physical barrier against unauthorized vehicles.

What truly sets our bollards apart is the ability to customize them with a sleeve. This sleeve acts as a thin cover placed over the bollard and can be printed with various designs, such as logos, advertisements, or even camouflage patterns that seamlessly blend the bollard into its surroundings. This not only serves as security but also contributes to the aesthetics of the environment.

The ability to display advertisements on the bollards opens up new opportunities for businesses and advertisers. Our bollards can be strategically placed in busy locations, effectively serving as advertising objects. With the sleeve, companies can promote their brand, products, or services in a unique way while ensuring site security. This combination of functionality and promotion makes our Crash Rated Bollards a versatile choice for both security professionals and marketers.

Another advantage of our bollards is their shallow-mount capability. This means they can be installed in locations with a complex underground infrastructure such as areas with intricate piping systems. This makes our bollards adaptable and allows security to be implemented in places where traditional deep-mounted bollards wouldn't be an option.

Please see this page for more infromaton on the crash rated bollards.

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