Security for prisons

Security for prisons

June 13, 2024

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Security for prisons

Prisons are unique locations that present both internal and external security challenges. Due to their high-risk profile, they are one of the few locations where malicious individuals must be kept both outside and inside. This necessitates a specialized approach. Bavak has years of experience in providing various materials and systems that are essential for the security of prisons and other correctional facilities.

Bavak understands the complexity of prison security well and offers a wide range of specialized solutions to ensure safety. Our detection systems, including X-ray machines, metal detectors, under vehicle inspection systems, and drone detection systems, are designed to effectively identify and neutralize various threats. Additionally, we provide physical security solutions such as Speedgates, roadblockers, and boom barriers for controlled access, and can also provide structural security with safety glass and bulletproof doors and walls if desired. Our integrated approach, supported by years of experience, ensures that every layer of the organization is optimally protected.

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