Security of logistics centers: specialized solutions from Bavak

Security of logistics centers: specialized solutions from Bavak

June 18, 2024

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Security of logistics centers: specialized solutions from Bavak

Logistics centers require a comprehensive and integrated security approach due to their size and the presence of many unknown individuals and vehicles. Bavak offers a wide range of solutions to effectively address these challenges. Our extensive range of electronic security systems includes camera, parking, and access control systems. By integrating intrusion systems, analog/IP cameras, intelligent video software, fire alarm systems, badging systems, and real-time presence statuses into one Security Management System, a higher level of security is achieved at lower costs. For traffic management, we provide cost-effective boom barriers and durable Speedgates for both temporary and full area closure. Our turnstiles and entrance gates offer physical access control to prevent unauthorized access, with a minimalist design that fits any environment. These tools are essential for logistics centers, especially when integrated into a Security Management System. Additionally, we offer a wide range of detection systems, including X-ray machines for examining packages, pallets or even trucks and various forms of metal detection, such as metal detection gates and handheld detectors. We also provide various trainings for personnel to ensure optimal use of the equipment, please contact us for trainings in English in case you are interested.

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