The Highlights of the Autonomous Surveillance Drone

The Highlights of the Autonomous Surveillance Drone

October 10, 2023

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The Highlights of the Autonomous Surveillance Drone provided by Bavak

In an increasingly complex world, ensuring safety and security is crucial. With the rise of technologies like drones, it becomes possible to elevate security to a whole new level. Bavak's Autonomous Surveillance Drone (ASD) has the following features:

EU Build Bavak's ASD is built to the highest European standards. This means it meets stringent quality and safety standards maintained in the European Union.

No Pilot Needed / BVLOS One of the most impressive features of the ASD is that it doesn't require a pilot to operate. This drone can operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), meaning it flies autonomously without operator control. This opens up a world of possibilities for monitoring large areas and responding to emergencies without delay.

Fully Integratable into Security Management System The ASD is designed with seamless integration into existing management systems in mind. This allows for effortless integration into security and management platforms, enhancing the efficiency of the surveillance system.

Optical Cam, Thermal Cam, Gas, and Radiation Detection The ASD is equipped with a range of advanced sensors, including optical cameras for clear imaging, thermal cameras for detecting heat sources, and the possibility of gas and radiation detection equipment. This allows the drone to detect and monitor a wide range of threats, from suspicious individuals to potential chemical or radiation leaks.

Secure (Radio and 4G) Security systems must withstand attempts at interference and sabotage. Bavak's ASD utilizes multiple communication technologies, including radio and 4G, to ensure secure communication. This keeps the drone in contact with the management system even in challenging conditions.

Parachute, ADS-B Sensors, Geofencing To ensure the safety of the drone and its operating environment, the ASD is equipped with a range of safety features. This includes a parachute for safe landings in emergencies, ADS-B sensors to detect other air traffic participants, and geofencing to keep the drone within authorized areas. These features significantly reduce the risk of accidents and incidents.

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