The Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) delivers 'clear images'

The Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) delivers 'clear images'

October 12, 2023

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The Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) delivers 'clear images'

Bavak's Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is an advanced solution that elevates security at locations such as airports, military bases, and government buildings. With its various models and functionalities, including UVIScan Pro, Rapid Deployment, and Gamma radiation detection, UVIScan has become an essential asset in the fight against hidden threats. The UVIS provided by Bavak has the following features:

UVIScan Pro This model offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in inspecting vehicles. UVIScan Pro utilizes powerful cameras and image processing technology to capture detailed images of the undercarriage of vehicles, enabling security personnel to quickly identify suspicious objects.

Rapid Deployment As the name suggests, Rapid Deployment is designed to be quickly deployable. With Rapid Deployment, security professionals can easily set up the system at different locations, ensuring smooth temporary security operations without costly delays.

Gamma The UVIScan Gamma extension offers flexibility and versatility. This extension can be used in both fixed installations and on mobile vehicles, making it suitable for detecting radioactive radiation from underneath or even inside the vehicle.

Design & Installation The design and installation of UVIScan are tailored to the needs of the end user. The system can be customized to the specific requirements of each location, and installation can be done quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to daily activities.

In a world where security is of paramount importance, Bavak's UVIS system provides an unparalleled solution for discovering hidden threats beneath vehicles. With different models and features catering to various needs, UVIS is an essential tool for maintaining security in public places and protecting the public. It is a clear demonstration of Bavak's commitment to innovation and security technologies.

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