Use of the Azur Drone, when and why?

Use of the Azur Drone, when and why?

April 29, 2021

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Azur Drone – Bavak

Use of the Azur Drone, when and why?

Nowadays it is very common to use drones for professional business. So, what is different about the Azur Drone? This drone is especially developed for safety and security purposes and flies complete autonomous.

The Skeyetech drone flies it’s surveillance round without direct control of a pilot or spotter. The route of the drone is pre-programmed, and the video image of the complete route is displayed in real time in the control room. The drone takes off automatically, flies the planned route and land again. In case of incidents, it is also possible to control the drone from the control room, making it possible to fly the drone outside the pre-programmed times and coordinates.

Are you responsible for the Safety & Security of a site, and curious how the Skeyetech drone can provide 24/7 risk reduction and safety for your employees? Please contact us via or check our website at Autonomous Surveillance Drone.

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