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Over 40 years of experience in the security for the Critical Infrastructure worldwide.

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Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Security Solutions are at the heart of your security. It are the cameras, electronic detection and surveillance systems and access control. Bavak provides the integration of these security systems worldwide to governments, commercial- and critical infrastructures.


Perimeter Security

Perimeter Access Control provides the first, external, protection against (hostile) vehicles for every location. These systems grant secure access to restricted areas. Bavak delivers and installs these products worldwide to secure prisons, governments- commercial- and critical infrastructures.


Scan and Detection

Electronic Detection Systems offers various detection and screening products to identify potential threats. These are drone detection, X-ray, nuclear and metal detection screening. Bavak offers a complete range and installs these products to secure prisons, critical infrastructures and governments worldwide.


Service, Maintenance and Training

The Service, Maintenance and Training department at Bavak is, thanks to years of experience and well-trained employees, a reliable partner in the world of high security.

Integrated Security SystemsPerimeter SecurityScan and DetectionService, Maintenance and Training

Service &

Bavak delivers brand independent, both preventive and corrective maintenance. This way, you only have one point of contact when it comes to Service & Maintenance of your security installations.

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The years of experience at Bavak have taught all our employees that a project is finished only when the customer is satisfied. Taking in the needs and executing them to full satisfaction. That is the Bavak service.


Bavak provides preventive as well as corrective maintenance and services, and does this brand independent. This way, you only have one single point of contact when it comes to maintenance of your security installations.


It is important to know that no training is standard. The user and maintenance training provided by the Bavak trainers are on different levels and in different fields.

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Perimeter SecurityService, Maintenance & Training